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Baby Lifejacket made in the UK for your loved ones

The Thermocruise Baby lifejacket 2010 is suitable for infants up to 15kg in weight. This unique design is a well constructed lifejacket with a protective hood, sleeves and inner foam harness, all of which are fully adjustable. MED Ship’s Wheel Approved.

Foam infant lifejacket
Designed for babies under 15kg
Retro reflective tape
High performance comfortable fit
Sleeves and hood for maximum protection
Double shoulder strap inner security
Outer zip closure
Adjustable security strap to clip to adult
Light fitting patch
Retro-reflective tape
Comfortable fit

Part Number LIF0065

Baby Life Jacket for Babies up to 15KG £129.00
Baby Life Jacket for Babies up to 15KG. The Best Life Jacket for your Baby
Postage £6.00
Total £135.00

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