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GS-RK Retainer Kit.

Please note our 2018 6ft and 3ft Gullsweeps include this item.

The Retainer Kit prevents the Gullsweep from blowing off in strong winds or falling from a non permanent mounting such as the GS-FM or GS-SM. Unfortunately, Gullsweep® do not float.

Simple to install and will take the worry out of loosing your Gullsweep.

Model GS-RK is made up of 4 pieces; SS Bracket, Shrink Tube, Grommet and O-ring

Slide shrink tubing over lower portion of centre hub. Then, insert straight section of stainless steel bracket between hub and shrink tubing so bend is just above bottom of hub. Apply heat from a hair dryer while turning to shrink tubing tight to hub and bracket. Let cool. (A candle can also be used but do not over heat or let flame touch hub or shrink tube).

Next, push Grommet over centre support pin, Wide end first down to 3" from the tip (pointed end). Then slide o-ring to top of grommet to further secure

Slide Hub onto pin and gently pull SS bracket over grommet. Adjust grommet and o-ring position so there Is 1/8” or more clearance above and below grommet. Hub and SS bracket must not touch centre pin or retaining ring.

Make sure to remove Pin and Gullsweep® together by unscrewing wing nut & centre pin when under way, to prevent injury from the pin.
There is no need to separate to remove the Gullsweep when the boat is in use.

To prevent any risk of the Gullsweep falling off in high winds, we strongly recommend to purchase a Gullsweep retainer kit. Please note our 2013 6ft and 3ft Gullsweeps include this item.


GS RK GS 1 GS 2 Retainer Kit £12.95
Retainer Kit for Gullsweep seagull scarer. Please note our 2013 6ft and 3ft Gullsweeps include this item. Part number GS-RK.
Postage £3.50
Total £16.45
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