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GS-RM, Rail Mount for up to 1' 5/8" (4.12cm) diameter tube

Place the G clamp over railing & tighten so it is vertical to the rail. (Option, put tape around rail before mounting to indicate where GS-RM or GS-SRM should be mounted, and also to protect the rail.)
Adjust centre support pin to be vertical to the water & tighten adjustment nut.
Place your Gullsweep® on the support pin, adjust, if not level.

If the clamp is left on a rail, remove centre pin to avoid injury!

Takes seconds to put in place and seconds to remove and store when your boat is running.
Gullsweep® performs best when it is level to the water.

Designed to clamp onto any diameter up to 1'- 5/8" (4.12cm)

Best for stainless tubes or any other suitable rail

To prevent any risk of the Gullsweep falling off in high winds, we strongly recommend using a Gullsweep retainer kit.


GS RM Rail mount 1 and 5 8ths 4.12cm £31.95
Rail Mount for up to 1' 5/8"(4.12cm) diameter tube. Part number GS-RM.
Postage £3.50
Total £35.45
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